How To Fall Asleep Fast

Doesn’t it always seem the hardest to nod off when you have limited time to sleep or something important to do the next day? Learning how to fall asleep fast is a matter of minimizing as many disturbances as possible.

Common Reasons Why People Can't Fall Asleep Quickly

Hyperarousal: Over time, when the nervous system becomes continually activated due to stress, the pathological channels of the hippocampus became deeply entrenched and the body’s usual response to stress becomes amplified.

Cannot Fall Asleep

Snoring: Sleeping with a partner who snores can definitely make it harder to sleep or difficult to fall back asleep once you’ve woken yourself up.

Sleep Apnea: People with sleep apnea actually stop breathing, which causes them to toss and turn, and wonder how to fall asleep fast.

Environmental Disturbances: Noise, light and temperature are all factors that make it harder to fall asleep faster.

How To Fall Asleep Fast

If you’re having sleep problems, it’s best to find natural sleep remedies to avoid possible addiction to sleeping pills. The following are 20 practical tips on how to fall asleep fast:

  1. Avoid foods that inhibit sleep, such as: protein, spice, alcohol, nicotine, sugar and caffeine. Also, make sure you don’t drink too much water right before bed.

  2. Try eating foods that encourage sleep, such as: carbohydrates, bananas, milk, peanuts, tryptophans, cookies and figs.

  3. Do not exercise within three hours before bedtime because working out decreases the secretion of melatonin, which helps you sleep.

  4. Avoid napping throughout the day, which disturbs your circadian rhythm.

  5. Go to sleep at roughly the same time each night and try to awaken at the same time too – even on weekends.

  6. Read a few pages of a book before bed.

  7. Take a warm, soothing bath before bed to unwind.

  8. Buy more comfortable clothing for bedtime. You ideally want something that is not too restrictive, too hot or too cold.

  9. When was the last time you bought a new bed? Invest in your health if you find your bed is too hard or too soft, or if it has been 10 years since your last purchase.

  10. Use aromatherapy natural sleep aids like scented eye masks, pillow sprays, bath salts, or massage oils to promote deeper relaxation.

  11. Reduce noise by soundproofing or upgrading your windows.

  12. Consider a white noise machine that will help you drone out distracting sounds.

  13. Add blinds or dark curtains to keep light out of your room at night. Face your alarm clock away from your eyes or use a facemask to darken your surroundings.

  14. Avoid talking on a cell phone, watching TV, or surfing the Internet in bed. You want to let your mind know that the bed is a place of rest, not activity.

  15. Try listening to music or one of those subliminal message CDs to nod off.

  16. Practice yoga, meditation or cognitive behavioral therapy to relax.

  17. Make a list of everything that is on your mind before bed.

  18. Think about each muscle group relaxing, one by one, while you breathe deeply – in four counts, out four counts. Try to focus on breathing calmly for 10 minutes.

  19. Picture something calming like a rushing waterfall or soaring through the clouds.

  20. Consider trying self hypnosis if you really want to fall asleep fast and wake up feeling more refreshed the next day. This self help hypnosis download can help you to drift off to sleep quickly.

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