How To Stop Procrastinating

If you’re wondering how to stop procrastinating, then you are probably already procrastinating and avoiding the many tasks you have on your agenda today. The good news is: there are many ways to beat procrastination.

Are you wondering how to stop procrastinating?

Stop Procrastinating

But what is procrastination exactly? Is it the inability to confront difficult challenges and unpleasant tasks? Is it the natural byproduct of poor planning and disorganization? Or is it just sheer laziness? The answer is different for each procrastinator, but the end result is always the same. If you don’t try to beat procrastination, then you will end up paying. You may end up with late fees, fines, loss of reputation, lost business, increased stress, and missed opportunities.

Are You A Procrastinator?

You may need to overcome procrastination if…

  • You sometimes find yourself absorbed in small, menial tasks even when there are much larger tasks at hand. For instance, you have to clean your entire house before a party, but you find yourself obsessively scrubbing every last crumb off the stove for an hour.
  • You hold off making final plans because you "need to conduct additional research." Perhaps you have been debating which flight to book for your vacation for months now instead of just weighing your options and making the call.
  • You put off tasks because you feel "there must be an easier way."
  • You avoid goals by putting yourself in an impossible situation. For instance, you want to find a solid mate, but you go out of your way to choose a job that entails a lot of travel, so you “have no time” to get close to someone.
  • You often say, "I’ll just do it tomorrow."
  • You are always working up to the last minute and have convinced yourself that you "work better under pressure."
Overcome Procrastination

As a group, procrastinators are often poor decision makers. They are always delaying the inevitable. Many are disorganized and forgetful. Some people are perfectionists or fearful that they may not do the best job, so they delay completing tasks. Others may feel angry that impending deadlines are "controlling" them.

According to Timothy A. Pychyl, PhD of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, procrastinators sleep worse, eat poorly and drink more than their peers.

Top 10 Tips On How To Stop Procrastinating

  1. If there are difficult or unpleasant tasks to complete, try scheduling these behemoths first to get them done and over-with. The rest of the day will be smooth sailing from there. You’ll feel a wave of relief wash over you when you realize the worst is behind you. Besides, you’ll also feel super productive and proud of yourself for getting it done. If possible, delegate some of your more unpleasant duties to someone else.

  2. Break big, complex projects into smaller, more digestible tasks, rather than putting the whole thing off. Remember that shrinking a task is a matter of quality, versus quantity, and that the end-result will be much better if you break your assignment down into a more manageable pieces.

  3. If you have trouble making a decision, give yourself a deadline and remember what Teddy Roosevelt once said, "In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."

  4. People who have a fear of failure may benefit by envisioning a successful result.

  5. If the task at hand is totally boring, treat yourself when you complete a milestone and schedule the task when you are freshest, rather than at the end of the day.

  6. If you lose your focus or become easily distracted, create a prioritized To-Do list and stick to it! Keep track of how much time you feel it should take to complete each task and keep one eye on the clock. Set your sights on accomplishing many small tasks, which will motivate you to keep going.

  7. Try starting your day over at 2 p.m. if your morning rushed by with nothing much accomplished. Have a little mid-day meeting with yourself, assessing what your goals are and what needs to be done. Take a brisk walk, enjoy a caffeinated beverage, and re-energize yourself to start anew.

  8. Adjust your environment. Open a window and let the breeze in. Change locations. Close your door. Remove clutter from your desk. Increase or decrease the temperature of the room. Close some of your browser windows.

  9. Tailor your environment for work. Close your door, clean up the clutter on your desk. Turn off the TV or radio. (Or, conversely, you may find music motivates you to accomplish more.) Avoid the temptation to check your email or answer your phone when you’re working on a project of the utmost importance.

  10. When you’re estimating how long you think it will take to finish something, double that number to give yourself plenty of time. You’ll feel stress evaporate when you try this method out. You can also use this method for making it to appointments on time: simply double the travel time you think you’ll need!

Hypnosis Can Help To Beat Procrastination

Hypnosis is an effective technique that reprograms how you think. You’ll use the power of positive suggestions to improve your confidence, learn more about your mental obstacles, and create more efficient goals. You’ll get rid of any negative or limiting beliefs and create a more positive outlook. So, if you want to know how to stop procrastinating, the answer is simple: re-train your mind.

This self hypnosis download can help to overcome procrastination and get things done today!

"I feel like a completely new person this morning..."

Wow, I have to admit that this has had a major effect on me overnight! I don't know if it's the mere subconscious act of wanting to address 'procrastination' in general or not, I feel like a completely new person this morning by having listened to the " Overcoming Procrastination" session last night before going to bed. Unbelievable really and I just wanted to thank you.

This story came from Anon. who is a business analyst from London, UK

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