How Self Hypnosis Can Cure Your Insomnia

Insomnia - Unable to Sleep

Hypnosis for insomnia is more accessible today than before. Insomnia is the constant failure to fall asleep fast or stay asleep sufficient enough to feel rested. Insomnia could be a long-standing, chronic problem. Insomnia is often not the cause itself and might be a sign of other problems.

People could have a problem sleeping or falling asleep fast due to certain medical, psychiatric, neurological conditions (eg. Depression), certain substance used (eg. Caffeine), genetics, stress brought about by life problems and poor sleep hygiene. Self hypnosis is one of the ways that has shown to help cure chronic insomnia.

This "Hypnosis For Insomnia" can help you to fall asleep naturally and regularly each night.

There are four types of sleep disorders:

  • Psycho-reactive insomnia is caused by tension and worrying
  • Exogenous insomnia is caused by external disturbances such as partner’s snoring
  • Endogenous insomnia is caused by a discomfort in the body such as pain, and
  • Functional insomnia is caused by the person’s sleep-wakefulness centre in the brain

If you are an insomniac, you might have been suffering from problem sleeping for a period of time and probably have tried many different ways, such as to see doctors, taken medication, attended sleep clinics, even tried homeopathy and natural remedies. And it gets overwhelming when all that does not seem to work. You might consider an alternative method such as self-hypnosis for your chronic insomnia.

Self hypnosis is a technique of deep relaxation. During this period of deep relaxation, you can make suggestions, which you created to go with your individual goals, to your mind to ease stress, enhance confidence, increase productivity, promote mental growth, manage pain, modify behaviour, etc.

Self hypnosis for insomnia is a useful and effective method of stress-relief. It can be used to access your subconscious to discover information that the conscious might not be aware of. The subconscious has the ability to do many tasks (eg. To put together a speech) for us while we multi-task something else, if we trust it.

You can learn how to self hypnotize yourself with the help of professional insomnia hypnosis MP3 or with the help of a qualified hypnotherapist.

In hypnotherapy, the subconscious takes care of our body’s automatic functions, the autonomic nervous system, memories and experiences. Anyone who is willing and competent to follow some simple directions will be able to go into a state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the state where a person’s mind is calm, concentrated and aware while the body is in a relaxed mode. Under hypnosis, you will experience a remarkable sense of well-being and peace of mind. It is possible to access the subconscious parts of the mind and the mind here is more open to positive suggestions. It should not be confused with meditation.

Self Hypnosis For Insomnia

Self hypnosis works on the idea that chronic insomnia symptoms are learned behaviour and are worsened by poor bed time behaviour or sleep hygiene. Hypnosis works by modifying the beliefs in the mind and thus modifying the behaviour. There are a growing number of MP3s and guidance available for self hypnosis at the comfort of your own home.

You can also try subliminal MP3/CD such as the "Natural Sleep Aid" which uses subliminal messages.

Having suffered from chronic insomnia, and having tried many other methods, it is time to consider sleep hypnosis for your sleeping disorder. There is no known negative side effects for using hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis for insomnia could work very well for you.

This "Hypnosis Download" Can Help You Cure Your Insomnia

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