Hypnosis Training Online: Is It for You?

"The purpose of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique is to help you understand and gain more control over your behavior, emotions or physical well-being."- The Mayo Clinic

What Does Hypnosis Training Online Entail?

Perhaps you’ve been interested to build a career as a hypnosis therapist, and noticed that there are courses available for hypnosis training online.

Have you been thinking about making some positive changes in your life?

Have you found yourself wondering about taking a hypnotherapy course, perhaps with the idea of extending your motivation for personal development to helping others develop their own personal skills? If so, here’s some good news! For not too much money, and from the convenience of your home or work computer, you can learn hypnosis online.
Typically, home study of hypnosis through an online course involves both written materials (such as hypnosis scripts, reference books, and workbooks) and audio programs. Such materials can generally be downloaded to MP3s. Often instructional DVDs are also included in the course package. The time frame for hypnosis training online can range from less than a week to about six weeks or more. Most courses allow a student to move at his or her own personal pace. At least one of these hypnosis courses (www.transformdestiny.com) offers a professional certificate from the International Board of Clinical Practitioners, contingent upon passing an examination at the end of the training. To learn hypnosis online can cost you anywhere from nothing at all to several hundred dollars.

Some online hypnosis courses are actually interactive e.g., The Hypnosis Center, whose website address is www.hypnosiscenter.com. Any online student needs to have and be comfortable with a computer. However, a student enrolled in an interactive home study course will also require a two-way camera attachment, to facilitate personal participation from a distance in the on-ground classes. A “personal practice partner” is also required, ideally someone who is also interested in home study of hypnosis. A comment from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) describes the hypnosis training online offered by the Banyan Hypnosis Center: "This unique training meets NGH ‘hands-on’ requirements since the state-of-the-art technology actually places the student in class to participate in discussions, and also to demonstrate his or her ability to do what is learned in class, all through on-line interactive video."

What Is the Difference between Hypnosis Training Online and an Online Hypnotherapy Course?

Hypnosis is a trancelike state in which your concentration is intensely focused on certain things (often upon the hypnotist), while tuning out the surrounding environment. During hypnosis, the subject tends to be receptive rather than judgmental to suggestions given by the hypnotist. In contrast, hypnotherapy refers to the use of hypnosis in a clinical setting, for a therapeutic purpose. Many of the United States do not allow one to refer to oneself as a “hypnotherapist” unless one has an appropriate background in medicine or psychology.

So, if your goal is to learn techniques that will facilitate your personal development, assist others in their own quest for happiness through development of their own personal talents and skills, or enhance your exploration of spirituality, you’ll be best served by looking for a website where you can learn hypnosis online. Hypnosis courses often include instructions on self-hypnosis, in which you learn to hypnotize yourself and listen to your own suggestions. If you develop the skills of smooth and rapid self-hypnosis, you will be able to fall asleep more easily, improve any of your personal attitudes you feel could be better, and move through your professional and personal life with confidence and happiness.

On the other hand, if you are considering a career of providing therapy for others and using hypnosis as one of your therapeutic techniques, you should look for a hypnotherapy course. As with psychotherapy, it is highly recommended that anyone seeking to become a professional hypnotherapist should first experience hypnotherapy as a client. Various nationally-recognized professional organizations exist for assuring “quality control” in practicing hypnotherapists. These include The American College of Hypnotherapy (ACH), American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), and the National Guild of Hypnotists. The latter, for example, requires 100 to 150 hours of approved training for certification. It also offers Continuing Education Units to hypnotherapists and to nurses. Because “hypnotherapy is a self-regulated profession and does not qualify for State Licensing” (ACHE website, http://www.hypnotistexaminers.org), such professional organizations may be nonprofit and chartered by the State where they are located. They establish standards of training, codes of ethics, and standards for the professional practice of hypnotherapy. If you choose to enroll in an online hypnotherapy course, membership in one or several of these organizations will provide you with a network of peers, as well as enable you to participate in professional conferences and workshops.

What Are the Advantages of Hypnosis Training Online?

One of the biggest advantages of deciding to learn hypnosis online is that you can do your home study at your own convenience, in front of your home computer. You can “go to class” in the middle of the night, in your pajamas, if that’s when you want to do it. You never have to incur the expense of traveling to a learning center.

Another advantage of home study is that you can concentrate on a single topic as long as you need to. Moving at your own pace in learning is a truly valuable advantage with a subject like hypnosis, in which you need to be perfectly comfortable and confident before beginning to work with others.

If you believe you have the self-discipline and the motivation to work hard, learn new techniques until they become part of you, and practice your skills until they are well-refined, then hypnosis training online may be the perfect way for you to become a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

Tips On Choosing A High-Quality Online Hypnosis Training Course

  • Make sure the organization or individual that offers the program can back up any claims it makes. For example, if the person claims to be “certified” or “board-certified,” call them and find out where the certification comes from.

  • Ask if there is any supervised practice time for students. If there is, find out how much is available, and who is providing supervision. Supervision by a trained and practicing hypnotist or hypnotherapist is the only way to avoid developing bad habits in your hypnotism techniques.

  • Find out who the instructors are. Ask if they hold degrees from real colleges or universities. The underlying quality of an educational program depends on the quality of the individuals providing instruction.

  • Your successful completion of hypnosis training online should qualify you for membership in one of the nationally-recognized professional organizations in the field. Look into the requirements for memberships in several of these organizations, and see if they will accept the training you are considering.


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