Overcoming Envy And Jealousy


Envy and jealousy aren't just simple emotions. They are states of mind they can rule your life and ruin your relationships. Fortunately, with hypnosis, you can tap into your subconscious mind and eliminate those feelings of envy and jealousy.

Hypnosis has been proven to be very effective in eliminating jealousy and dealing with envy. Whether you choose to visit a hypnotist or try some self hypnosis techniques in the comfort of your own home, you can use this practice to rid yourself of the difficulties that come along with envy and jealousy.

Although everyone experiences envy or jealousy from time to time, for some it can be a dominant pattern of thought. The reason these emotions are sometimes difficult to deal with is because they are actually a mixture of different emotions. Jealousy can sprout from a sense of inadequacy, pain, anxiety and fear of loss. These feelings all have the same root – a low self-esteem.

The way that we see ourselves as a big impact on how we interact with others and how we compare ourselves to others. If you feel like what you do is never enough, you may began to resent and become jealous of those around you who you perceive as more successful. What starts as a simple wish to have what they have begins to turn to feelings of jealousy and sometimes anger. Over time, you become preoccupied with what other people are doing and dominated by feelings of worthlessness and envy.

overcoming envy and jealousy

Even though envy and jealousy can come into play in all different aspects of life it's often in relationships where where it rears its ugly head most often. In romantic relationships, you experience a high state of vulnerability as you open yourself up to emotional intimacy with another person. This openness can lead to feelings of fear; particularly a fear of being hurt by the other person. In order to prevent hurt from happening, some people may start to feel jealous of any attention that their partner pays to another person. This jealousy stems from a personal fear of losing a partner and really doesn't have to do with the partner or the third party.

Sometimes imaginary fears can cause jealousy and envy. If you have a low self-esteem, it doesn't take much to make you feel inadequate and envious. Even without any proof in the real world, you begin to think that your partner is cheating or that someone is out to get you. The mere fact that jealousy and envy can be created out of nowhere is strong evidence that the main factor involved is the mind.

Hypnosis deals with reprogramming the mind and removing old fears and patterns from the past. Since envy and jealousy are rooted in self perception and the mind, hypnosis can be a very effective and powerful treatment to help overcome the feelings of envy. Through hypnosis you'll be able to discover the core issues that trigger your feelings of envy and jealousy and deal with it permanently.

Try to pinpoint when you felt jealous last and exactly what was going on. Pay close attention to how you were feeling at that moment in time. Replay the event in your mind and try to picture what kind of interaction you desire. Once you've gotten a feeling for what you went to achieve and how you want to approach situations without envy, you're ready to start the hypnosis process. Setting a goal of what you want to achieve after, before you go into hypnosis session is instrumental in your success with this technique.

The negative emotions and skewed to self perception that are causing your feelings of envy will be replaced with loving energy and positive thoughts. Instead of being fearful of losing out on relationships or other aspects of your life, you'll feel in power and capable of succeeding. By using hypnosis in overcoming envy and jealousy you'll be able to tap into your subconscious mind and replace fears with positive thoughts.

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