Sleep, Insomnia and Relaxation Hypnosis


If you are currently experiencing problems sleeping, sleep hypnosis might be the best possible sleep therapy for you to helps you dift off to sleep quickly and easily.

Merriam-Webster Online defines insomnia as the “prolonged and usually abnormal inability to obtain adequate sleep.” It is interesting to note that about 25% of Americans report occasional problems with sleep; and about 10% of the population suffer from some form of chronic sleep disorder. Development and sales of new sleep medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, are at an all-time high; and all but the very newest of these cause next-day drowsiness, impaired thinking processes, and even “rebound insomnia.”

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When we consider that the direct cause of insomnia is most often caused by stress and anxiety and the inability to relax completely, it becomes clear that hypnosis for insomnia may be the best possible sleep therapy. The very essence of hypnosis, as well as self hypnosis, is to induce the deepest possible state of relaxation. Once you are completely relaxed, it’s only a small step away to falling into deep sleep and achieving a good night rest.

Cure insomnia and drift off to sleep quickly and easily with Relaxation and Sleep Hypnosis

"I have become somewhat cynical of all medicine and treatments but I have found the downloads valuable."

"I have had a problem with middle of the night waking for many years and have tried many different 'solutions'. All have failed. The use of the hypnosis downloads has not removed the problem of waking but has made it a great deal easier to get back to sleep again. Because of repeated failures of treatment I have become somewhat cynical of all medicine and treatments but I have found the downloads valuable. It helps in allsorts of situations even on the putting green! I think that the use of the word Hypnosis is a little off putting until you begin to appreciate that you are at all times in control of what happens. The stage hypnotists don't help the public to understand the power of relaxation and control that the art gives you."

"Keep up the good work and I would be happy to take you to dinner should you ever be in the West Yorkshire area."

This story came from Steven who is from West Yorkshire, UK

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Quoation I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for bringing those AMAZING changes into my life. I really did enjoy the hypnosis downloads and they were definitely the most interesting thing I have experienced in my life so far. All the best and Thank you so, so much!


 Three weeks ago, I was feeling really stressed and despressed. I was also kind of skeptical about using self hypnosis to help myself, but I figured I might as well try it, and if it doesn't work I can move on. Since then, I have regained my sleep and find myself really calm. The stress managment hypnosis that I have experienced was amazing. Thank You for helping me get my life in order.


 I recently ordered one of your hypnosis downloads for self confidence and was blown away with the effectiveness of the hypnosis session. Within five days, I feel more confident. I have more energy, more enthusiasm for life and now, I feel like a new woman and I can not thank you enough.


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