Stop Smoking With Self Hypnosis

Stop smoking with self hypnosis

If you've been a smoker for a long time, you probably already know the dangers of this deadly habit. With stop smoking self hypnosis you'll be able to finally quit cigarettes and improve your health.

The problem with quitting smoking is that the habit is so ingrained that it is hard to quit on your own. Even though you are familiar with the statistics and the medical studies that link smoking with cancer, emphysema and other deadly diseases, the draw to smoke is still very powerful. By using self hypnosis, you can free yourself from this habit and quit your addiction to cigarettes.

The key with using hypnosis successfully is making sure that you actually have a desire to quit smoking. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis cannot make you do anything that you don't already wish to do. If you don't see a problem with smoking, hypnosis isn't going to do anything for you. However, most people who smoke know that they should quit. Hypnotherapy can help you empower yourself to quit cigarettes for good.

You also need to believe that hypnosis will work. Since hypnosis deals with your brain and your deep-seated beliefs, you need to believe in the process in order for it to help you.

What Will Happen To Your Body If You Quit Smoking Right Now?

In half an hour: Your heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal.

In 12 hours: The carbon monoxide levels in your blood will drop by 50%, and oxygen levels in your body will return to a normal level.

In 48 hours: The risk of having a heart attack will begin its decline. All nicotine will have left your body. Your sense of taste and smell will return to a normal level.

In 72 hours: Your bronchial tubes will relax, and your energy level will rise.

In 3-9 months: Any coughs, wheezing and breathing problems will start to dissipate as your lung capacity improves by 10%

In 1 year: Your risk of a heart attack will now have dropped in half.

In 5 years: Your risk of having a stroke returns to that of a non-smoker.

In 10 years: Your risk of lung cancer will have returned to that of a non-smoker.

In 15 years: Your risk of a heart attack will have returned to that of a non-smoker

"After 38 years of smoking I have totally quit"

"I had never used hypnosis before and just wasn't sure I should trust in it to work for me."

"After smoking for 38 years I wanted to quit but didn't think I could do it. I decided to try the Quit Smoking Stay Stopped hypnosis download. I listened to it 3 times and set a date to quit. On that date I listened to it just before I smoked for the last time, then just quit, I was able to go 1 maybe 2 days before I would listen to it again to help me get through the urge to smoke, after a week I no longer needed to listen to the hypnosis and don't need the cigarettes anymore."

"It has been over 3 months since I last smoked and hate the cigarettes so much that I am positive I will never smoke again."

"Any smoker who wants to quit but can't for what ever reason. It worked so well for me that I can't imagine it not working for anyone who has even a small urge to do it."

This story came from Steve Weinfurter who is a Supervisor from Kewaskum, Wisconsin USA

The best approach to take if you've got a lot of trepidation is to start small with your hypnosis goals. For example, you may want to start working first on how much you smoke. If you smoke a pack a day, complete a couple of hypnosis sessions where you use a suggestion that will cause you to smoke a half a pack a day. After you've implanted the suggestions in your mind, you'll find that you will naturally move away from smoking as much as you used to. This physical proof can be enough for you to build greater confidence in hypnosis and allow you to completely quit smoking.

Stop Smoking

The most important thing about quit smoking hypnotherapy is that you continue to use it. Your smoking habit didn't happen overnight and the process of changing that habit won't happen overnight either. Although hypnosis is a powerful tool in changing behavior, you need to keep re-programming your brain on a consistent basis in order for it to have a lasting effect. When your brain is programmed through repetition with quit smoking suggestions, you will soon be able to effectively get over your addiction once and for all, no matter how long you've had the bad habit.

Tips On Using Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Your brain will take the suggestion and use it as part of your normal behavior. The suggestions that you use need to be focused on the positive aspects of quitting smoking. Don't use suggestions that focus on the negative. You want to program your brain with phrases and ideas that make you excited about quitting smoking. With stop smoking self hypnosis, you'll finally be able to rid yourself of a addictive habit and be a non-smoker....

Get yourself to a healthier future with 10 Steps to Become a Non-Smoker...

What The Experts And Media Says...

"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit."
- New Scientist

"I should have done it years ago…It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes any more."
- Matt Damon describing his hypnosis experience to Jay Leno, The Tonight Show


Stop smoking with self hypnosis

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Quoation I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for bringing those AMAZING changes into my life. I really did enjoy the hypnosis downloads and they were definitely the most interesting thing I have experienced in my life so far. All the best and Thank you so, so much!


 Three weeks ago, I was feeling really stressed and despressed. I was also kind of skeptical about using self hypnosis to help myself, but I figured I might as well try it, and if it doesn't work I can move on. Since then, I have regained my sleep and find myself really calm. The stress managment hypnosis that I have experienced was amazing. Thank You for helping me get my life in order.


 I recently ordered one of your hypnosis downloads for self confidence and was blown away with the effectiveness of the hypnosis session. Within five days, I feel more confident. I have more energy, more enthusiasm for life and now, I feel like a new woman and I can not thank you enough.


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