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The Solution To Our Weight Problems Lies In Our Mind

If you are like most people, who have tried almost every weight loss programs, diet pills or exercise routines to lose weight without success, then you should consider using self hypnosis to help you slim down and stay fat free!

With hypnotherapy, you do not need to rely on any of your willpower, special diets or pills to lose weight. Instead, weight loss by hypnosis re-educates your subconscious brain to help you change your relationship with food - trading in all your uncontrolled food cravings and emotional reliance on overeating with healthy lifestyles and eating habits.

Why Do We Need To Change Our Relationship With Food?

Most people do not realise this, but due to years of poor eating habits, many of us have been subconsciously conditioned to overeat, crave fattening sugary foods, and snack unnecessarily. So despite our desire to be slim and lean, our subconsious mind will always override our conscious, logical effort to be thin.

Weight loss self hypnosis downloads

This is also the main reason why most diet programs and diet pills don't work, because they deal only with the food we're eating and not the person eating the food. As a result, many of us wind up eating more than we should, and we gain weight.

The solution? We need to rewire our subconscious mind with a new food blueprint to transform and change our negative eating habits.

And one of the most efficient and effective way to do this is by self hypnosis using appropriate weight loss hypnosis downloads, or hypnosis CDs to plant suggestions in our subconscious mind that will help us think thin and become slimmer.

The results of using hypnosis to lose weight are immediate and dramatic - in fact, an astounding 96 out of 100 people who tried self hypnosis reported successfully changing their unhealthy eating habits and losing weight in a matter of days - all without any complex diets or special exercises.

 Both hypnosis groups lost an average of 17 pounds... The control group put on half a pound.  

- Hypnosis in weight loss treatment: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

So are you prepare for change? Are you ready to change your relationship with food and lose those excess pounds easily and naturally?

Then take the NEXT Step...

Start rewiring your subconscious mind with 12 different hypnosis downloads for diet, weight loss and weight control today - and see yourself looking and feeling slim and healthy again!

How To Lose Weight With Hypnosis

The Hypnotic Diet

The Hypnotic Diet (Triple CD)

A revolutionary new approach to weight loss.

Within days, your eating habits will be transformed and you will begin losing weight easily - without counting calories, complex menus, or special workouts.

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What The Media And Experts Say:

"Hypnosis can actually help you lose weight."
- Harvard Medical School psychotherapist Jean Fain, Oprah Magazine

"Want to lose weight? Kick a bad habit? Well you might want to try hypnosis! … no longer regarded as mere hocus-pocus, it's been shown as an effective means of helping people quit smoking, shed pounds, reduce stress, and end phobias."
- Jane Pauley Show

"With weight loss the evidence is conclusive...hypnosis does help people reduce."
- Smithsonian Magazine

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Quoation I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for bringing those AMAZING changes into my life. I really did enjoy the hypnosis downloads and they were definitely the most interesting thing I have experienced in my life so far. All the best and Thank you so, so much!


 Three weeks ago, I was feeling really stressed and despressed. I was also kind of skeptical about using self hypnosis to help myself, but I figured I might as well try it, and if it doesn't work I can move on. Since then, I have regained my sleep and find myself really calm. The stress managment hypnosis that I have experienced was amazing. Thank You for helping me get my life in order.


 I recently ordered one of your hypnosis downloads for self confidence and was blown away with the effectiveness of the hypnosis session. Within five days, I feel more confident. I have more energy, more enthusiasm for life and now, I feel like a new woman and I can not thank you enough.


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